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Screwed Bonnet Needle Valve

1/8” - 1/2” NPT
Globe and Block Configuration
Brass, 303 and 316 Stainless Steel


Series 3000 bar stock, screwed bonnet type needle valves are available in brass, 303 & 316 stainless steel with working pressures to 5000 Psig in 1/8” to 1/2” sizes. The unique, externally adjustable, wear compensating, virgin PTFE stem packing offers long trouble free service life in most liquid or gas applications. A wide variety of options including panel mounting, metal to metal seat, soft stem tip and taper proof cap, the Series 3000 provides economical, quality solutions for the most demanding applications. Valves can be ordered cleaned and packaged for oxygen service.


  • Adjustable PTFE Stem packing
  • Excellent Gauge Isolation Valve
  • Wide variety of options to suit many diverse applications
  • Available in 303 SS as an economical alternative to 316 SS (where applicable)
  • 100% factory tested

Technical Data

  • Maximum Operating Pressure @ 100°F (38°C)
    • Brass: 3000 Psig (207 bar)
    • Stainless: 5000 Psig (345 bar)
  • Flow Coefficient:
    • Globe and Angle (.187” Orifice): 0.40 Cv
    • Block (.312” Orifice): 0.90 Cv
  • Temperature Rating:
    • Metal to Metal Stem: -320°F to 400°F (-195°C to 204°C)
    • Kel-F Tip Stem: -65°F to 200°F (-54°C to 93°C)


  • External leakage – zero.
  • Maximum allowable seat leakage – 0.1 cc/min @ 3000 psig (207 Bar) Nitrogen

Materials of Constructions

Component Valve Body Material
Brass 303 Stainless 316 Stainless
Valve Body, Bonnet Packing Nut Brass, ASTM B16 303 SS, ASTM A582 316 SS, ASTM A479
Stem2 303 SS, ASTM A582/Kel-F (CTFE) 316 SS, ASTM A479/Kel-F (CTFE)
Handle3 Brass, ASTM B16, (Nickel Plated, ASTM 689)
Set Screw ANSI B18.3 (Alloy Steel)
Packing Virgin TFE
Panel Nut Brass, ASTM B16 Brass, ASTM B16, (Nickel Plated, ASTM 689)
Tamper Proof Cap N/A
1 Stainless valves supplied with Kel-F stem, optional metal to metal stem, option code “Q”, see ordering information. Block valves not available with soft stem tip option.
2 Optinal black phenolic knob, option code “M”

Dimensionsional Data

Flow Coefficient (Cv) @ Turns Open

Ordering Information

PROPER COMPONENT SELECTION - When specifying a component, the total system design must be considered to ensure safe and trouble-free performance. Intended component function, materials compatibility, pressure ratings, installation, environment and maintenance are the responsibility of the system designer.

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Screwed Bonnet Needle Valve
ModelSizeFile TypeDownload
3000-11/8” F x 1/8” FSTEP Download
3000-1-P1/8” F x 1/8” FSTEP Download
3000-21/8” M x 1/8” MSTEP Download
3000-31/8” M x 1/8” FSTEP Download
3000-41/4" F x 1/4” FSTEP Download
3000-4-P1/4" F x 1/4” FSTEP Download
3000-4-P-C-X1/4" F x 1/4” FSTEP Download
3000-51/4" M x 1/4” MSTEP Download
3000-61/4" M x 1/4” FSTEP Download
3000-73/8" M x 3/8” MSTEP Download
3000-83/8" F x 3/8” FSTEP Download
3000-93/8" M x 3/8” FSTEP Download
3000-101/2" F x 1/2" FSTEP Download
3000-111/2" M x 1/2" MSTEP Download
3000-121/2" M x 1/2" FSTEP Download
See Ordering Information tab for detailed info on model sizes and descriptions