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Cryogenic Liquid Cylinder Accessories

Generant provides Liquid Cylinder Accessories as OEM equipment on most Cryogenic DOT 4L liquid Cylinders. From Safety Relief valves to CGA Self Locking Connectors, Generant understands your Cylinder Needs.
Design: Designed for use on DOT 4L Liquid Cylinders
• Dirt Guard Poppet
• Vent to Atmosphere
• Factory Preset Crack Pressures from 22 - 500 Psi
Size: 1/4” NPT Male
Materials of Construction: Brass
• CTPFE or Flourosilicone Seals
• Cleaned and Packaged for Oxygen Service
Design: Innovative Locking Connection Fitting specifically designed to meet the requirements of SB26
Size: CGA-540, 580, 440, 320, 295, 320, 326, 622, 624
• Optional Integral Check Valve Design
Design: Compact One Piece Body, Poppet Type Check Valve
Size: Inlet 3/8” and 1/2" Male NPT, Outlet CGA 540 Oxygen or CGA 580 Nitrogen Connections
Configurations: Male NPT x CGA
Materials of Construction: Brass
Design: Compact, Highly Accurate, Internally Adjusted, Direct Acting Pressure Relief Valve
• Excellent Reseal Performance
• Inline or Vent to Atmosphere
• Factory Preset Crack Pressures 0.25 to 150 Psi
Size: 1/8” to 1”
Configuration: Male and Female NPT, SAE, BSPT
Materials of Construction: Brass, Aluminum and Stainless Steel
• Many standard seal materials
• Available Cleaned for Oxygen Svc.