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Self-Locking Liquid Cylinder Connector


The Series SDC connection system is supplied for installation into the outlet ports of most gas use, vent and fill valves on a cryogenic liquid cylinder. The system is a one-piece assembly consisting of a CGA fitting/clutch mechanism permanently mounted in a stainless steel locking bracket. Once installed, this system cannot be removed without rendering the CGA outlet connection unusable.

Features and Benefits

  • Easily installs on most existing threaded cylinder valves using standard hex wrench.
  • NPT Male connection supplied with factory applied PTFE thread sealant tape
  • Suitable for both Industrial and Medical Applications
  • CGA connections manufactured to industry standards
  • Zero External Leakage
  • Cleaned and Packaged for Oxygen Service
  • Optional Integral Anti-Back-Flow Check Valve
  • OEM Endorsed

Materials of Construction


How to Order

PROPER COMPONENT SELECTION - When specifying a component, the total system design must be considered to ensure safe and trouble-free performance. Intended component function, materials compatibility, pressure ratings, installation, environment and maintenance are the responsibility of the system designer.