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Cylinder Check Valve

3/8” - 1/2" NPT x CGA 540 or 580
0-3000 PSIG


The Cylinder Check Valve is used on the gas use outlet of industrial cryogenic liquid cylinders to prevent back flow into the cylinder. The optional “Tamper Evident Restraint” provides a visual indication if removal of the connection has been attempted. Available in CGA 540 & 580 configurations.


  • Compact and rugged one piece body construction
  • Optional “Tamper Evident Restraint” - lock wire and lockout tag
  • Provides visual evidence of compliance
  • High flow design exceeds maximum cylinder output
  • Supplied cleaned and bagged for Oxygen Service
  • 100% Factory Tested for leakage
  • GLT Low Temperature Viton™ Seal

Technical Data

  • Nominal Crack Pressure: 1 Psig (0.07 Bar)
  • External Leakage: Zero leak
  • Internal Leakage: Zero leak at 0.5 PSIG (0.03 bar) Back Pressure
  • Cv (flow coefficient): 0.65
  • Maximum Pressure: 3000 PSIG @ 150° F (206 Bar @ 66° C)
  • Proof Pressure: 5000 PSIG (345 Bar)

Materials of Construction

Dimensional Data

Ordering Information

PROPER COMPONENT SELECTION - When specifying a component, the total system design must be considered to ensure safe and trouble-free performance. Intended component function, materials compatibility, pressure ratings, installation, environment and maintenance are the responsibility of the system designer.